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Johnathan has loved fitness and has had a huge passion for it for over 10 years. He believes that everyone can achieve their goals by putting in the right amount of effort and commitment along with the proper consistency. helping others change their lives and giving them the right knowledge and training has gotten his clients results that would inspire them to get focus more and continue pushing to be better.

His passion is in helping others achieve a total lifestyle change that they will be able to continue even after they no longer train with him.

He has helped hundreds of people achieve goals they never imagined along with mental strength, physical strength  and giving them back the courage of feeling confident in themselves.

Jonathan has been at the helm of every position in the fitness industry and held all the titles available. From a personal trainer to a fitness manager to an independent trainer and finally owning a gym, Jonathan has the requisite experience needed to give a total lifestyle change through a fitness journey.

He has a huge bias in weight loss, muscle gain, Jonathan is NASM, IFPA, NASM Corrective Exercise, TRX suspension training certified.

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