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Carola is a NASM certified personal trainer and is currently working 
on attaining her Nutrition Specialist Certification. She has always
had a passion for fitness and nutrition. As a full-time mother and
wife she understands the challenges life can present when it comes to
finding a balance. Having faced the struggles of postpartum weight-loss, as well as other curve ball injuries along the way she has found her
calling in helping others fall in love with the journey of taking
care of themselves through patience. compassion and what he clients
cal tough love. Focusing on functional training, as well as small
group training. She is a true believer of taking care of yourself
before you can take care of others and is determined to help everyone
fall in love with the journey of having better quality of life through health and fitness. "What does not challenge you will not
change you". No matter your goal, no matter your envronment, no
matter your starting age or fitness level we all have one thing in common and that is.... we have a body. Our body can either be
created or destroyed. The outcome is up to you. You make it happen!

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