• Everyone there makes us feel at home

    Everyone there makes us feel at home

    Over the past 4 months at Fast Results Fitness, Josh and I have completely overhauled our eating habits and fitness routine. We originally signed up for a 3 month commitment, but now we can’t imagine life without this gym. Everyone there makes us feel at home, which always allows us to have more fun! There is never any judgment passed no matter where your fitness levels are at, or where you are starting from. We no longer look at eating healthy as a chore or a diet, we are just changing our lifestyle. Aaron is amazing, and always gives us new workouts so we are never bored, and our bodies are always surprised. If you want to completely change your lifestyle and finally get healthy, then visit Fast Results Fitness!

    Josh & Lauren

    August 2014
  • Standard of Excellence

    Standard of Excellence

    My boyfriend and I have been working out at Fast Results Fitness for over a year now, and we continue to be impressed by the level of excellence the trainers maintain. Working out with our trainer Bryant at Fast Results is always a positive experience that challenges us to be the best versions of ourselves. The workouts that Bryant has set out for us are specific to the results we wish to achieve. At this gym, you can always expect to do new exercises with top-notch equipment. When we leave this gym we can’t wait to come back and see what new things Bryant has in store for us. Anyone who is looking for the real deal and real results look no further then Fast Results Fitness!

    Chais & Tiago

    July 2012
  • Fast Results Fitness has brought me back to life

    Fast Results Fitness has brought me back to life

    When I was introduced to FRF I was tired and at my heaviest weight. I had tried every gym and weight lost program out there. FRF brought me back to basics and helped me understand that I could not only achieve fitness but I could literally do anything I set my mind to. Johnathan took the time to explain the process, what I could expect, how he would support me, and what he expected from me. His no excuse policy keeps me accountable and the family environment FRF provides gives me the support and motivation to keep going. The FRF Team is truly the best in Houston. They practice what they preach and show you step by step how you too can achieve fitness. If you want a gym that guarantees results while providing a supportive family environment then I highly recommend FRF.

    Yoly Reyna

    October 2014
  • The team at FRF is like a family

    The team at FRF is like a family

    My goals, 2 and a half years ago seemed very long term but I’m getting closer and closer. I am sixty years young and am stronger , healthier than I have felt in a very long time and on no medications! No matter what your goal is, FRF trainers can get you there. The team at FRF is like a family. Personal training at it’s best! I feel blessed to be a part of Fast results Fitness.

    Leslie Dickey

    September 2011
  • I love this place!

    I love this place!

    I love this place! One day I was in the area and decided to drop in. Boy, am I glad I did. Inside you find an amazing personalized gym equipped with amazing owners and staff. I liked what I saw from day one and decided to give it a try. I was impressed to find a training staff that will meet you where you are physically and get you where you want to go. They are very committed to getting you in great shape. The model of their fitness programs are brilliant because it makes me much more committed to working out, even when I don’t want to! But then I’m always glad I did.

    Rachel Ott

    November 2014
  • This gym is the best place to change your lifestyle

    This gym is the best place to change your lifestyle

    Before Fast Results Fitness I tried for many years to find a workout system that worked for me. After my first two sessions, I knew this gym was the right fit. I love training in a facility where I get the one-on-one guidance and the support of the FRF Family. From boot camps, to training, to finding the right fuel for your body with Advocare, this gym is the best place to change your lifestyle!

    Meredith Cook

    October 2014